4GL-1-Z239type integrated rod type sugarcane combine
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  4QZ-2650A self-propelled disc-type forage harvester is a kind of forage harvester which can cut, transport, feed, cut, throw and load the forage crops at one time, or return to the field directly after cutting, crushing and destroying. It is a dual-purpose forage harvester. The straw and forage after cutting, crushing and destroying meet the requirements of the indicators and are ideal feed materials for animal husbandry. All processes are completed at one time, saving time and effort.

  This machine is not only suitable for harvesting green and yellow stalk crops such as maize and sorghum in the field, but also for forage harvesting of low stalk crops such as wheat, ryegrass and alfalfa. If you don't harvest in rows, you can harvest lodging crops. The machine has strong power and high efficiency. Advanced feeding device integrates feeding and flattening to make feed palatable. Hydraulic drive steering, flexible turning, easy to operate. Hydraulic drive of each working device can flexibly reverse and forward to remove blockage, effectively prevent overload, avoid the trouble of frequent belt change caused by belt wear, save time and improve production efficiency.

  With its own increased bin design, it is convenient to collect open-road and ground-harvested forage without accompanying vehicles. When large blocks are harvested, they can also be fed with trucks. The distributor can rotate at 270 degrees. It has a long throwing distance and is convenient for feeding. It is not only suitable for the large area of northern China, but also suitable for the harvest of small and medium-sized plots in southern China.

  Its operation process is as follows:

  Main Composition: The machine is mainly composed of double disc cutting table, bridge crossing, crusher, distributor, silo, hydraulic system, electrical system, chassis walking system, steering system, cab and other parts.

Work flow: In the process of moving forward, the double discs on the cutting table rotate to cut materials and transfer them to the bridge entrance. Crossing the bridge is composed of counter rollers and press rollers, which crush the material and transport it to the crusher. The crusher is composed of a rotor (moving knife) and a fixed knife, which cuts and rubs the materials transported across the bridge, and throws the crushed materials into the distributor with the help of centrifugal force and strong wind force of the rotor. The distributor is a transportation channel, which conveys materials to the silo or feeding truck or underground (when the straw is returned to the field). When the warehouse is full and the unloading handle is operated, the material can be unloaded onto the receiving truck.

  The working device is controlled by hydraulic system. If there is blockage when crop condition and machine requirements are not in conformity, the blockage can be reversed in time without affecting the continuous normal operation of the machine. At the same time, the hydraulic drive also avoids the damage of the functional parts due to overload.

  After harvesting by harvester, there are almost no crops on the ground (non-returned harvesting), which is convenient for next crop cultivation and has strong adaptability to different varieties of crops and different environments. This series of products are suitable for the field operation of hard soil with horizontal slope (< 6) and vertical slope (< 8) in the working site. When harvesting under the condition of meeting the planting standard, the performance index of the operation meets the relevant national professional standards. If the operating conditions exceed the standard planting conditions, the harvesting performance may be reduced or the failure rate of the harvester may be increased.

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